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Please contact on for advertising. The real domain investor is held a virtual prisoner in goa, her correspondence ROBBED by raw/cbi employees without a court order in a clear case of human rights abuses,

While in other sectors, older people will not get any work, because of ageism, led by iit kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google, tata, the indian internet and tech sector has showed its lack of honesty and humanity, ruthlessly CHEATING, EXPLOITING and CRIMINALLY DEFAMING older persons, especially single women engineers like the goa 1989 jee topper, making her do all the work, invest all the money, take all the risk, and then falsely claim that her business belongs to google , tata sponsored goan CALLGIRLS, cheater, robber housewives,schooldropouts, students and other frauds, who are not doing any kind of computer work at all, yet get monthly government salaries for MAKING FAKE CLAIMS

for this google, tata, indian tech and internet companies are far worse than ex-google engineer anthony levandowski in TRADE SECRET THEFT. Levandowski downloaded 14000 files on his computer and was immediately taken to court by google, yet in india, google is openly supporting TRADE SECRET ROBBERY of millions of files from a google competitor almost daily, since 2010, so that high status raw/cbi employees like nayanshree hathwar can easily IMPERSONATE the domain investor, and get monthly government salary for making FAKE CLAIMS, using the data which they have stolen.

Usually it is not possible for a person to find out what a stranger is doing, his income , what work he has done for his client. Yet indicating the high level of CYBERCRIME, TRADE SECRET ROBBERY especially in panaji, goa, all the ntro, raw, cbi employees are aware of exactly what work has been done, so that they can make FAKE CLAIMS that they are doing the work. When TRADE SECRET ROBBERY levels are so high, checking the bank details are the only way to find out who exactly is doing the computer work, spending their time, yet google, tata are extremely aggressive in ensuring that no one checks the BANK DETAILS of the fraud raw/cbi employees faking computer work

Additionally the greedy government employees involved in the fraud are also belittling and ridiculing the computer work that is being done, falsely claiming that it is very simple, which even school students can easily do, when most school students have not used computers. Since the students are aware that powerful officials are LIARS, making fake claims about them, they are also not trying to do any work.

Kindly note that allegedly bribed by google, tata, the indian and state governments especially in goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka, haryana have DUPED domain registrars, registries and ICANN for the last 10 years that call girl, robber, cheater raw/cbi employees like goan frauds riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar, slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, bengaluru housewife nayanshree hathwar, gujju frauds asmita patel,sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons nikhil, karan, indore robber deepika, ruchika kinge who have not paid any money for domains, own this and other domains in an ONLINE FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD, to get them all raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, who is criminally defamed in the worst possible manner, her correspondence robbed, subjected to human rights abuses, to isolate her completely without a legally valid reason and cause great financial losses. The real domain investor is a private citizen who raw/cbi/ntro employees hate,criminally defame, commit human rights abuses without a legally valid reason for the last 10 years forcing the real domain investor to post this explicit disclaimer to prevent further losses and alert ICANN